August 5, 2011

It's a Bargain For Me!

After canceling my plans to go to the pool today for cloudy weather (of course it's hot and sunny now) I decided to meet my mom and sister for their weekly Friday shopping trip. We went a couple of places today but our last stop, Marshalls, was the best! I typically don't have the patience for Marshalls but today I found the best bargain ever.

As I mentioned earlier, we are slowly changing our dining room into an office/study. Yesterday we had a couch delivered and today I found the perfect coffee table/storage/ottoman at Marshalls. It was already on clearance from $79.00 to $59.00 and when I took it up to the register I mentioned that there was a little dirty spot on the corner and she discounted it down to $30.00!! Yep, over all that is $50.00 in savings!!

Whatcha think?

We are planning on reupholstering the chair that we have in the office with a more neutral fabric so it will match and the pillows we currently have on the couch are temporary until I can find new pillow covers either on etsy or make some myself (which means get my mom or sister to make some for me) but over all I couldn't be happier.

[tray: Target $19.99 / candle: already owned / husband: already had (he's very loving and working hard so we can make this house a home!)]

Remaining Office To Do List:
* reupholster chair (suggestions/recommendations for this?)
* new light fixture
* artwork
* window treatments/curtains
* bookcases for either side of desk
* new desk chair
* lamps


  1. We've got a couple of names of reupholsters. Call me at the shop tomorrow (saturday) I can give ya one!

  2. Perfect. I have no idea how much it would cost but, ideally we would like someone fairly inexpensive if possible!

  3. Nice! How come I never find great furniture there?! =)