August 8, 2011


Just when I finally begin to relax from moving into our new house it's time for me to head back to work, which is probably a good thing. Wes keeps telling me I need to go to work so I will quit spending my days window shopping for things I want for the house that we just can't get right now. Poor thing comes home, at the end of a long day, to me and my long wish list and crazy D.I.Y. ideas like these:
(He said no to one of these ideas by the way. Kudos if you can guess which one.)
While I'm completely looking forward to a new school year, the real kicker is that after spending my entire summer moving, I found out that I get to move again (insert sarcastic whoo hoo! here) into a different classroom. I spent the whole day moving every pencil, paper and poster and now I'm pooped. This seriously is some kind of sick joke. All this moving has me considering starting my own moving company, which I've already decided should be named Smooth Moves... although someone told me that is also the name of an herbal laxative. Hmmm, maybe my slogan should be, Smooth Moves: We Help With Constipation and Bulky Couches. Anyone else tired of moving or have a clever idea for a company name?

HOME pillows:
Framed trivets: IKEA

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