August 4, 2011

Say Cheese or Cheesy?

Have you noticed that everyone asks about your wedding in the days leading up to it but after you tie the knot no one really cares? No one asks to look at wedding photos (that you spent too much money on) and to be honest, I don't even look at my own wedding pictures that much. We have a beautiful album that our photographers (Lifesong Photography) created for us but I rarely open it up and look through it even though I absolutely love the pictures. We literally have 999 pictures from our wedding with no one even slightly interested in spending two hours of their life looking at them.

I have framed some (about 6 through out our 2300 sq. feet of house) of my favorites along with creating a shadow box of wedding memorabilia pictured here:

but what about the other pictures? How much is too much? Obviously we love all of them but we don't want our house to be a cheesy love fest. What have you done to showcase your wedding without having those pictures be the only framed photos in your house?

Maybe if I post some of my favorite unframed pictures here it will make me feel better:


  1. Hey, we have one wall with wedding pictures on it! Over the years we have taken more of ours down and added newer and older wedding pictures, Em's wedding, pictures from my inlaws wedding, ie. You can make it a hallway or the office, ya'lls bedroom. Somewhere you can see them and enjoy them but not have the "lovefest"!

  2. Next time you are over you can look! It is the one going up the stairs!