August 3, 2011

Our New House!

B.B. (Before Blair), my husband, Wes, purchased a condo in an old renovated Cotton Mill. He really liked the character of the historic Cotton Mill building, the close proximity to everything downtown Raleigh has to offer, and the unique loft floor plan.

When Wes and I met he had been living in the condo for about two years. Two years after that we got married! As we started to think about our future together, we did not see ourselves continuing to live in our downtown condo much longer. While we absolutely loved everything that first attracted Wes to his place, we were ready to position ourselves in a house and a neighborhood that would be a better fit for families, give us more square footage, and a yard big enough for our two dogs, Zoe and Riley.

So in February we were just beginning the house hunting process starting with saving for a down payment. We did not anticipate being ready to move for at least six months, which means we would not seriously start house hunting until at least August when whoops... we found something we loved quicker than we expected and viola, we're now living in our new house.

It didn't always look like this though. The previous owners took on a major renovation and got it completely ready for us. The house was built in 1957 and used to look like this:

The back of the house before:

The back of the house now:

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen Now:

Dining Room Before:

Dining Room (that we are slowly converting to an office) Now:

We are trying to continue the motivation the previous owners had during their renovation and make our new house a home!


  1. Love the before & after pics! What a beautiful homey you have! ;)

  2. I love love love your home! I can't wait to come see it all decorated! I'll be sure to bring some cupcakes :)